Manuscripts Withdrawals, Retraction & Correction


Edukimia does not permit author(s) to withdraw their submitted papers. Doing so wastes important resources, e.g., significant amount of time that our editors and reviewers have spent to process the manuscripts, along with efforts invested by Edukimia. Before submitting their manuscript(s), the author must approve the checklist that we have listed.


Edukimia will retract a published article(s), if one or more of these issues happen (adopted from COPE Retraction Guidelines):

  1. There is a clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of major error (e.g., miscalculation, experimental error), or result of fabrication (e.g., data), or falsification (e.g., image manipulation).
  2. The article(s) constitutes plagiarism.
  3. The findings have been published elsewhere previously, without proper attribution to previous sources or disclosure to the editor, permission to republish, or justification.
  4. The article(s) contains material or data that is not authorized for use.
  5. Copyright has been infringed or there is some other serious legal issue (e.g., libel, privacy).

For retracted articles, Edukimia will do following actions (adopted from Elsevier Article Retraction and JAFES Article Retractions):

  • A retraction note, titled Retraction: [article title], signed by the author(s) and or or the editor is published in the beginning of the PDF version.
  • The article shall remain in the database, and published issue, but a notation shall be placed in the table of contents, indicating the article has been retracted.
  • The PDF version will be watermarked with a Retraction sign on each page.


There may be instances where an article published in Edukimia must be corrected. To do these, Edukimia classified these corrections into three types (adopted from Veritas Correction Policy):

  • Erratum
    • A correction made to alert readers of a significant error committed by publishing/journal personnel, that has a detrimental effect toward the publication record, or the scientific integrity of the article, or the reputation of the author(s) or Edukimia.
  • Corrigendum
    • A correction made to inform readers of a critical error committed by the authors that have a detrimental effect on the publishing record, or the scientific integrity of the article, or the reputation of the author(s) or Edukimia.
  • Addendum
    • A correction made as an addition to the article by its authors to clarify discrepancies, extend the existing work, or explain or update the material in the main work.